Ticees (Book 2)

Ripped from her world during a chance encounter with an alien landing party, Chelan MacKay suddenly finds herself on board the galactic battleship RIBUS 7. Korba, an ebony-clad god of war, the Iceanean Commander of RIBUS 7, is irresistibly drawn to her. Defying all the laws that govern his people, he risks all to make her his.

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds and adversity, Chelan manages to adapt to Iceanean culture, in which the men and women pursue the pleasures of the flesh with a passion and skill equal to that of the kill. Nurtured by the Iceanean men around her, she eventually rises to her new position beside the galaxy’s most powerful Warlord. But just as her life with Korba begins to settle, chaos ensues.

Enter Ticees, the Galactic Emperor, ruler of the known universe and Commander of the Warlords. His word is law, his decree incontrovertible, his dominion…absolute. Though not of Iceanean blood, he adheres to the governances of the Iceanean culture and embraces their ideologies. Or does he?

When the exalted Emperor first gazes upon Chelan, Korba’s chosen mate, the alabaster beauty leaves him breathless. By Iceanean principles, she is bound to Korba, but not bound by fidelity. Sweeping her off her feet with his charms and impressing her with his power is his plan. But when his sexual quarry stubbornly refuses his advances, the results are incendiary. No one thwarts Ticees, not his officers, not his Warlords, and certainly not one little alien. What Ticees wants, Ticees gets, but at what cost?