Calley (Book 3)

Just as the new Empire has begun to settle, Korba discovers a threat directed at Chelan. Nothing would cripple Korba more effectively than the acquisition of his precious mate by enemy factions. If abducted, she would be the perfect bargaining tool, his ultimate weakness.

Forced to relocate Chelan, Korba chooses a remote, heavily fortified Iceanean outpost. But Chelan has another idea. Where better to be securely sequestered for the duration of the threat than on her own home planet? How could the enemy possibly locate one Earth woman hidden among billions?

En route to war in the Balatesian system, Fremma, Commander of RIBUS 7, is charged with the task of covertly transporting Chelan to her sanctuary. But there he must leave her. It is imperative that she not be on board RIBUS 7 while the ship is engaged in battle. However, she will not be undefended.

With preparations made and security forces in place, Chelan is dropped off on her little blue planet. But reintegrating into her culture is not as easy as she expects. Protection by the Empire from external threats is a given. Protection from her own kind is another matter. Earth, once her home, is now as alien and inhospitable as the Empire once was. Keeping the truth about her disappearance quiet is critical. Surviving unscathed until RIBUS 7 can return for her is paramount. But when plans go awry, whom can she trust? Not all is as it seems.