Shanna (BOOK 7)

Twelve years ago, an alien race from another galaxy, the Serpentiums, invaded the Milky Way, threatening the very integrity of the Iceanean Empire. Rayth, their king, a being of mythical proportions, was determined to plunder the Milky Way. But one year into the incursion, Korba crushed his ships. Yet dealing with the Serpentiums was far from over.

To the shock of all, Korba and Chelan’s eldest daughter developed a special bond with the Serpentium king through a unique power they both shared. That bond transcended anything anyone could have ever fathomed. Realizing that they could lose their daughter, Korba and Chelan had one critical goal: to keep Shanna protected at all costs while appeasing Rayth, thus thwarting a future more potent invasion by the much more advanced race. And so a deal was forged.

Before any monumental decisions could be made, decisions that would have serious repercussions throughout both empires, Korba and Chelan demanded that Shanna be allowed to reach adulthood, a time determined by them to be eighteen years of age. During the eleven years that Rayth must wait to vie for the future Iceanean Empress’s hand, the King and his fleets were to have no contact with the Iceanean Empire, nor with Shanna. That time is now over.

Shanna has matured into a bright, beautiful, self-confident young woman, and during her time away from the Serpentium king, her attachment to the being has diminished. Her childhood fantasies of following him to his galaxy for the adventure, and to eventually rule by his side as his queen, have all but vanished. In truth, she hopes that he never returns. Korba and Chelan are wishing for the same, but they know better. The King will arrive, and there will be fallout. How much upheaval is unleashed will be determined by Shanna’s decision, and it will be levied by Rayth’s hand.