Destiny (Book 8)

New Release!

Darion, Commander of RIBUS 6, is off on his next mission, and this battle is like nothing ever encountered before. The Quora, a formidable militaristic society, has incited war upon all those around them, and the Empire has been forced into action. It will be up to Darion to handle them, but the conflict will press him and his elite crew to their limits.

Shanna, Korba and Chelan’s eldest daughter, is resolute in her bid to deal with everything that happened to her at the hands of the enemy during RIBUS 6’s last mission. Despite the threat level this operation possesses, Shanna is determined to participate in any manner she can as a way to rebuild herself. She needs purpose. She craves adventure. And she wants to help. But most of all, she wishes to be at the side of her beloved mate. What ensues will turn everyone’s worlds upside down in ways never anticipated. With all the uncertainties intrinsic to war, tomorrow is never promised.