Rayth (BOOK 6)

Family is where life begins, trust is forged, and love never ends. Korba, Chelan, and Dar are forever entwined through the lives of their children, and their children are everything to them. So when RIBUS 7 reaches her destination, a planetary system Fremma has been called in to deal with, everyone is shocked by what they discover. However, the disastrous situation becomes even more bizarre when they unearth the cause of the chaos. Nothing prepares them for the connection of the calamity to one of their own.

Rayth, an alien being unlike any ever encountered before, has arrived, and he has plans that will ruin both the Empire, and everything Korba, Chelan, and Dar hold dear to their hearts. What Rayth wants, Rayth will obtain at the expense of everything and everyone in his path.

Technologically outdone by this alien race, Korba has serious decisions to make in order to save his Empire, but those decisions could decimate his family. And just what sacrifices he is willing to make to preserve his family, could cost him the Empire.

There is a morality to war that weighs heavily on all. Do the needs of the few ever outweigh the needs of the many? Will appeasing invaders be worth the sacrifice Korba must make? And what is Korba prepared to live with after all is said and done?